I haven’t posted to this thing in ages.

I started using Twitter several months ago, and am hooked. It’s quick and easy and lends itself to whatever passing fancies and fleeting observations I might have; it is, essentially, microblogging for the attention-impaired. And that suits me just fine, most of the time

But while splashing around in the shallows on Twitter is fun, I do occasionally wish I could develop an idea further,  go into greater detail, or start a real discussion–and that’s just not what Twitter is for.

I’m going to try (once again) to get this blog off the ground. I’ve avoided doing so for a long time, in part because most of the entries already here seemed old and stale and no longer relevant. Some were even kind of dumb. So I’ve set most old posts to “private,” at least for now. Maybe once I’ve got enough fresh content up I’ll unlock it again, but for now an (almost) clean start seems like a good idea.

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