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When in doubt, post video of your cat.

I have three blog posts in the writing, but as usual I’ve overthought them to death and they remain unfinished.

Plus, I’ve spent the last ten days or so getting my act together to deal with a long-neglected health matter, so I’ve let blogging slip far down the list of Things to Do.

(The health thing isn’t that big a deal, but it’s something that will end up a very big deal if I keep neglecting it.  So I’ve been making a few minor lifestyle tweaks that–once I get in the habit of doing them–should nip the problem in the bud.)

So, in lieu of putting off posting for yet another day until I have a Serious Post, I’m just going to post video of (some of) my cats.

This is Martha, the smallest of the cats and the most high-strung. She’s just a little ball of panic much of the time, and is easily freaked out. But she loves my lap, where she kneads biscuits like mad and would lick my fingers raw if I let her:

Nate was Martha’s adoptive “Daddy”; they were so close I used to worry about how she would handle his dying. She missed him a lot at first, but fortunately she has a friend in Sophie; they have grown much closer over the last two months.

Max and Sophie are brother and sister; I adopted them as 11-week-old kittens. I meant to adopt only one male kitten to keep lonely orphan Nate (who was then 6 weeks old) company.

They were the last two from their litter left unadopted, and they obviously had a very close bond. I mean, how can you resist kittens who are hugging each other in their cage? So yes, I had to take both.

And to this day, they still have that close bond–maybe a little too close, sometimes:

Spay/neuter your pets, folks…

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