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Psst–I’m over there…

Recently, a commenter asked if this was an abandoned blog, and was I ever going to come back?

I guess the shortest, simplest answers were “Yes” and “Yes.”

I didn’t want  to return until I knew I could stay returned. I’ve done far too many things in a scattershot, at-whim fashion, only to lose whatever impetus I had at the start–and I didn’t want blogging to be yet another of those things. So I stayed away until I could get the whole “blog thing” sorted out: What did I want it to be about? What kind of regular posting schedule would I adhere to? And, perhaps most importantly, was I willing to go all in, turn it into another career, and give it the serious, sustained effort it needed in order to be what I wanted it to be? Because I can’t do anything halfway; I’m either fully committed or I’m not committed at all.

So: I’m committed.

I dusted off the domain I registered a few years back, got a new host for it, and installed a brand-new version of WordPress. I was going to import these old entries, but decided against it; I wanted a clean start. It seems only right.

If you’d like to follow me to my new home, I’m now at At this writing it’s still sparsely furnished–I’ve been there less than a week–but there’s definitely more coming…

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