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Fear less.

I got turned on to a great new Web-based magazine today, via Seth Godin’s blog. Fear.less is about fear. Or, rather, it is interviews with individuals who have passed through the fire of their worst fears and emerged transformed. In a culture that is pervaded and driven by fear–of terrorism, of fat, of the flu, of foreclosure and economic doom–Fear.less is a welcome antidote. And it’s free. So check it out.

And funny that I should sing the praises of a new magazine about overcoming fear–because it fits in so perfectly with the subject I’d already decided to write about.

A couple of entries back, I wrote about Nate’s dying, after defying all odds and living for nearly a year with end-stage Chronic Renal Failure. Taking care of him forced me to confront a host of my own fears, which I wrote about last October. But when I said that “…one sickly little orange cat changed me and changed my life in ways I’m still only beginning to comprehend. I am not the same person I was, I no longer view the world in the same way I once did, and I have plans for the future that I never would have considered before,” I wasn’t kidding. And I’m not just some crazy cat lady wallowing in maudlin sentiment, either.

Because of Nate, I’m headed back to school again, at age 42. It’s going to take me a while–I will probably be about 50 by the time I’m done–but I’m going to be a veterinarian. Continue reading

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